Sassy TV personality, Lynda Ddane has come out to advice fellow babes not to only serve beans to their boyfriends since such  sauce can never impress and keep men in a relationship.

Conveying her message in tweet, Ddane opened up that all sumbie vendors would be in happy bonking marriages if it was all about that famous dish served between the sheets.

She added that however much a man is always overwhelmed by a horny spirit, he can only be successfully tied down where peace and love is served!

“If sex can make a man marry you, all prostitutes would be married. A man stays where he is well-loved, not where is well sexed. Sex doesn’t keep a man,” she tweeted.

Lynda Ddane has for months been linked to various men around town including workmate Dj Bryan. However  she denies rearing Bryan’s monster reptile.

Who will harvest her ready to eat beans? Any skillful Muzzinyi to represent us?