Lynda Ddane parades new wheels, BMW X6

True love is always sweet especially when money is involved, ask Lynda Ddane she will attest to it!

After allegedly breaking up with broke ex-bonk mate, DJ Bryan, Lynda Ddane is not regretting at all as she is treated like a queen by her new loaded lover.

On top of the steamy romps and romance she is enjoying, the bubbly NTV The Beat presenter has acquired brand new wheels, a BMW X6, grey in colour, courtesy of her partner in passion, as a token of appreciation for being warm and sweet, according to reports.

Photos of Lynda happily posing next to her new Germany-made machine are already trending on social media. In one of the perfectly taken photos, she’s seated in the driving seat, smiling from ear to ear, as she warms up for road-testing.

Lynda Ddane proud owner of BMW x6

This is not the first time she is flaunting her blessings. At the beginning of this year, Lynda left netizens in awe as showed off her apartments, nearing completion.

The bootylicious TV star disclosed that the apartments are located in the outskirts of Kampala City and that she couldn’t just keep calm.

“It is really the work of God. A toast to new beginnings,” She captioned videos of the apartments.

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