Annie Nixon who had her n#de pics trend on the internet on Friday came out and pinned her ex-fiancé for being the person behind the mess.

Luvusi and Annie’s love story flopped

Annie, an employee of NTV opened up in an emotional post that Edgar Luvusi unleashed her pics on the internet just to teach her a lesson.

The NTV The Beat presenter claimed that Luvusi had always vowed to shame her after they bitterly broke up. She noted that Luvusi is a father to her only child but wonders why he would hit her below the belt.

She went on to apologize to all people who had a glimpse of her instruments of power and further revealed that she is to deal with Luvusi accordingly.

Annie Nixon and Edgar have a kid together

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I have been made aware that my ex-fiancee, father of my son, a one Edgar Luvusi has released initiate pictures of me taken during our private times while I was asleep when we were still dating.

In what appears to be a calculated evil move to fulfill his two-year long threats to “ruin me” for ending the relationship over violence and infidelity, he deliberately spread the images to his friends. I would like to apologize to my friends, family, and employers over these images.

I would also like to express my disappointment over Edgar’s predatory betrayal. This is surely not something that I expected from the father of my child. This is so inappropriate of the father to our little son.” her post partly reads.

Well, we have the photos of Edger Luvusi, Annie Nixon’s ex-fiancé who she alleges that he is the brain behind her misery.

The NTV The Beat producer claimed that Luvusi had always vowed to shame her

Actually Luvusi and Annie’s love story flopped soon after the gorgeous media personality introduced him to her parents.

The day Luvusi met Annie’s parents