Mad stage performer, Roden Y Kabako has been warming up for Valentines Day…thanks be to God the day is tomorrow!

Kabako reveals his Val’s plans

Kabako, who recently proposed to long time juicy girlfriend Jamila Namuddu claims he will spend Vals day with her, vibrating and sweating on top of her sumbie.

In an exclusive interview with Galaxy TV, Kabako sent a heartfelt Valentine’s message to his Jamila confirming his massive plan to irrigate her beans.

Kabako to vibrate on Jamila

“ love, my dear Jamila Namuddu i love you and am gonna celebrate with you this Valentine’s day come what may. Am super excited and happy i will be with her at Sheebah’s Red Terrace Bar. I will sing and dance for her then from there kigweera home base Mukisaawe. The next day i will take her back to her senga’s home because she has been allowed to be with me for only two days..” , he said.

Kabako further advised bonkmates to be charming and friendly in relationships before vowing to legalize his bonk sessions with Jamila.

Kabako and lover

” ….a couple should love each other to the maximum, share everything and be loyal. Am planning to make it official soon”.

The Nanfuka hit maker has had a brief Zzina record with not so many babes attached to him.

How will you spend your Valentine’s day?

By Shibrah