Celebrated NBS TV news anchor Canary Mugume Sunday night fully utilized Valentine’s day celebrations and showed his long time girl friend Sasha Ferguson that he isn’t just a  good journalist but also a romantic dude who knows a thing or two about love.

As a way of impressing his gorgeous bonkmate on a love filled day ,the up and coming journalist dug deep into his pocket and took his most treasured asset for a late night dinner.

Reports coming through from our reporters indicate that the young couple spent the entire evening at Serena Hotel not only cuddling and but reassuring themselves how they won’t slit until Arsenal takes the Premier League.

Infact just to show Haters how strong and deep their love is Sasha Ferguson shared a video of themselves while on the date.

In the video,Canary can be seen singing and smooching Sasha in the most romantic way possible.

Watch video;