About a week ago, Sasha Ferguson legalized her relationship with Highschool sweetheart, Canary Mugume.

Sasha tied knot with high-school sweetheart Canary

Canary walked Sasha down the aisle in a pompous wedding ceremony which was presided over by famed city pastor, Robert Kayanja at Rubaga Miracle center.

The young couple had courted and bonked on credit for about 9 years.

Apparently, the flashy wedding cost them close to UGX 1 Billion. As we report this, the pair are still away, enjoying their honeymoon.

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But interesting though is that Sasha, perhaps, feels she has already gained more marriage skills barely a fortnight after their special and memorable day.

Sasha Ferguson turns self into counsellor

The Makerere University graduate has taken time off the presumably thorough honeymoon-bonk sessions and advised netizens on marriage and relationships.

In a recorded clip of 59sec making rounds on social media platforms, Sasha is heard tipping online in-laws, especially those who are not yet married.

“Hey, I’m back again. Today I would like to talk about patience and time…so here you are, you log into social media, and it feels like everyone’s life is moving at a very high speed! People are traveling, people are getting married and others getting promoted but your life is still…it feels like you are not moving. Hey when the time is right, when it is your time you are going to explode like a bomb. You need to be patient, you need to be persistent, you need to really work hard in whatever you are doing as long as you know it is right, keep doing it, pray to God, wait for your time because God’s timing is the best…” she advised.

Watch Sasha giving advice below;

Newly wed Sasha advises netizens about marriage and relationships