On Valentine’s day, celebrated local singer Rema Namakula posted a video on her official Facebook page showing the world how her loyal Hubby Hamza Sebunya surprised her with a sweet cake on a day that is deemed or defined to be for only lovers.

In the said Video, Rema was seen screaming out loud as she seemed surprised or caught off guard by Hamza’s little but premeditated gift.

On seeing the video making rounds on social media, a section of fans on Facebook began brewing stories of how Rema had bought the cake herself and meticulously organised the small valentine’s day surprise event.

The rumor vampires went ahead to allege how Sebunya cared less abiout the day but since Rema wanted clout she forced him into surprising her with her own gifts.

As a way of clearing these rumors, Galaxy FM snoops tried to reach out to Rema and she said the stories are only social media malice trying to put her down.

”I don’t have time to respond to such small talk. Social media will always be social media. How on earth can I even think of doing something like that” Rema said as she clarified on the ongoing allegations