Bobi Wine’s special woman, Barbie Itungo will be Matron as Bad Black weds boyfriend Asha…if she accepts the socialite’s humble request.

Will Barbie accept Black's humble request?
Will Barbie accept Black’s humble request?

Bad Black, who is willing to retire from thigh-vending dreams of having Barbie as her matron when she legalizes her bonk sessions with Mr. right, Asha.

The ex-convict confessed through her socials the desire to hire Barbie’s services as she officially says goodbye to her clients the big day.

“Oba who will be my matron Nsabanga time eweddeyo.I think I need to approach first lady Barbie”,  Black posted

She wants Barbie to be her Matron
She wants Barbie to be her Matron

She says in another post that after so many days of earnest prayer, God finally blessed her with a bonk champ in Asha who she can’t wait to get married to before the end of this year.

The mother of many kids fusses that all men she once dated only wanted to swim through her deep waters but Asha comes from a different breed!

Black rates Asha's Cucumber
Black rates Asha’s Cucumber

Black has swallowed different cucumbers from corners of the world and she often brags about it. In 2019 she released a list of her men. These included Kim Swaga, Meddie Sentongo, David Green, Maysean, Shy Paddy, Mike Mukula and others.