Bad black and boyfriend lit up social media with hilarious videos after eating cassava and beans…

I think socialite Bad Black and boo Asha should come up with an idea of starting a TV show like that of Kardashian family-( Keeping Up With Kardashian).

Bad Black and Asha
Bad Black and Asha

A show like ‘keeping up with Bad Black and Asha’ would sell like a hot cake and make them a fortune, sikyo? Netizens on TikTok or Snap Chat will probably agree with me on this.

Bad Black and her Toy Boy have always entertained their followers and lit up both social platforms with sensational and hilarious videos. Their content is raw and original. They do it for free of charge.

As you may know, most Ugandans choose humor over seriousness, the ex-convict’s social platforms boast a huge number of followers just because of the weird and naughty things she posts.

'keeping up with Bad Black and Asha'
‘keeping up with Bad Black and Asha’

Actually you might that she is one the most followed people on both TikTok and Snap Chat.

Well, in her latest clip making rounds on social media, Bad Black real names Shanitah Namuyimbwa sings for Asha after eating cassava and beans. All wrapped in towel, she sings her weird accent;

“Every time i wake up i see very cute cute husband…nothing gonna take my love from you…you never know how much i love you..”, she sensationally croons as she assures boyfriend.

Check it out;

Away from that, the couple is set to make their bonk sessions legal. Bad Black even begged Barbie Kyagulanyi to be her Matron during her wedding. She says that will happen this year.