DEAR ZZINA POWER: How soon can i have romps with  a new partner?
Is two weeks to early to have it?


ZZINA POWER SAYS: Two weeks?! Some people walk around ready!

Anytime is sex o’clock. They don’t waste erections or wetness. That’s too much of a loss.

Don’t act shocked, you may have never had sex with a new partner that soon but you may have considered it. That counts too!

So, how soon?

Many people believe that if you want a long-term relationship, you should delay sex until you are both committed to each other.

Some people believe that you should have sex as soon as possible to find out if you have sexual chemistry. As soon as possible could be anything; two hours? two weeks? three months? Whatever ‘as soon as possible’ means to you.

Others don’t waste time though, ‘as soon as possible’ could be 15 minutes; to them this is is sufficient time to have known whether you want to have sex with someone or not. To them, this is enough time to know enough about a person and, therefore, good timing for sex.

To some, you can play the ‘famous game of happiness’ on the third date. Whether the third date takes place within a week, two weeks, a months, several months, or a year, the deal can be sealed in the bedroom.

Some psychologists believe that you should wait until the honeymoon phase is over. The honeymoon phase is when feelings of attraction are so strong and it seems as if the person you’re with is perfect. You may not have even noticed (or don’t mind) that they chew loudly or that they don’t flash the toilet. Jokes aside, the reasoning is that during this phase, you are not likely to make wise decisions about your sex life.

Still, there are those who believe that you should only have sex after marriage. This means that you abstain until the wedding night.

Clearly, there’s no right or wrong answer. Your penis, vagina, or anus belongs to you and you can do whatever you want when you want.

Plus, this is such a personal question and it depends on what you want out of the relationship.

My point in giving you all these examples is that your timing depends with simply what works for you and your current sexual agenda.

Be safe

Do it responsibly though. STDs and STIs are never on holiday. You can get it anytime.

There are some conversations you should have with new partners before having sex with them.

Don’t be afraid to ask these questions:

  • Have they been tested for STIs recently?
  • Do you have an incurable STI like herpes, HPV or genital warts?
  • Are you both going to be faithful to each other?
  • Will you both be using condoms at all times?
  • Are you willing to get tested and share your results?

All the best in deciding what timing works for you!