Today morning, singer Sheebah Karungi woke up with overwhelming happiness after hitting 1 million followers on Insta. Sheebah couldn’t wait to share the good news with her ardent fans as she rushed to her Facebook and posted;

Sheebah hit 1M followers on Insta but she ain’t the first!

“Lets Toast To 1 Million Sheebaholics On instagram #1stFemaleArtistInUganda To Make 1m On Instagram. Am truly grateful for my journey!!! Thank you my Lovers, Lets Keep Breaking Records”, her caption reads, asserting that she’s indeed the first female artist in the land to hit that huge milestone.

However one of the seemingly informed follower with facts on his finger tips, a one Champion Genius Levy was quick to remind the TNS lead star not to own a record which was set by someone else years back. Levy slid into the comment section to cut Sheebah’s jubilation short.

Sheebah Queening on Insta

“#ZariHassan says hi. Once a musician always one. Someone doing 5 songs doesn’t deprive them from being musicians. Congratulations Sheebah buh u are the second musician to make a million followers”.

Of course the Sheebaholic army jumped out of their comfort zone to water down Levy’s claim by informing him how Zari is just a mere socialite but not a singer. However the buoyant chap fired back with much more facts;

Zari has over 8M followers on Insta

 “ZARI got Uganda two CHANNEL O nominations. And u want to say she ain’t an artiste. Queen KARMA you are infact number 2nd female musician. Zari has 8 million followers”, he commented and guess what, all the Sheebaholics backed off disappeared in thin air!

GeniusLevy’s comments

Either way you gotta respect Sheebah’s musical journey and hustle. She’s been on top of her game for the past 7 years dropping hit after hit and sweeping local awards., thanks to manager Jeff Kiwa.

Congrats Queen Karma!