Bobi Wine fans and supporters have treated his brand new toy, a bullet proof Toyota Land Cruiser like a baby while washing it.

Bobi Wine fans washing his car

The ‘baby shower’ party happened today afternoon at NUP offices in Kamwokya. Ghetto yuts flooded and camped at the offices specifically to wash Bobi Wine’s black monster which he says it was a gift from his staunch supporter both in the country and abroad.

The car wash happened at NUP offices

“There is another group of comrades who kick-started a fundraising campaign for a bullet proof vehicle. These comrades informed me of their plan, but I thought it was an uphill task, given how expensive it is. A few weeks ago, these comrades surprised me when they informed me that they had succeeded in raising enough money for the vehicle, and here it is. I can’t THANK YOU enough.”, he partly  posted on Facebook wall yesterday in thank you note to ‘Komuledis in siturago’.

Today the NUP darling had to make a grand entrance at his party offices with his big toy, attracting the  already fired up fans and supporters. The car was already clean but the chaps showered it for over one and half hours nonstop!

Fans washed it for over an hour

No sooner had the ‘Kanaabes’ finished to wash it than the impatient Bobi Wine fans stormed the place from all corners and jumped on the armored machine just to take pics. They sung songs of the ‘Siturago’, hailing the Ghetto champ for inspiring them.

Meanwhile Bobi Wine has finally instructed his lawyers to withdraw the presidential petition just like he promised. Bobi had filed the case in the supreme court challenging Sevo’s election victory.

Checkout the pics below;

The car wash happened at NUP offices