Celebrated NBS TV presenter Isaac Kawalya popularly known as Lord Kayz has for the past 3 days been a hot topic on social media after his Ex bonkmate Bettina Ssengoba came out and told the whole world how they broke up after dating for a period of 3 years.

Lord Kayz attending her ex bonkmate’s birthday

It should be noted that Kayz’ Ex lover came out to clear the air after a number of people opened up numerous fake accounts and began abusing Kayz while pretending to be her.

Lord Kayz with her ex-bonkmate Seengoba Bettina

In a bid to keep her relationship with Kayz healthy and normal, Bettina came out yesterday evening and distanced her self from the insults.

Lord Kayz has set himself apart as a controversial reporter
”We met in 2018 and it’s been 3 years of a great friendship. Along the way we dated but as fate will have it we had a break-up on mutual understanding.We have remained friends since,however, with much concern I have learnt that a section of people have created fake accounts and insulted him claiming it’s me, I discourage this behavior and also distance myself from the act. I have great respect for both him and his family plus friends” Bettina posted on her official Facebook page.
Lord Kayz slaying with his lover Ssengoba Bettina
However on hearing Lord Kayz’ love story on social media, a friend of Bettina has come out and unleashed all the secrets revealing why the talented NBS presenter was dumped by his then sweet lover.
In an exclusive audio obtained by the Galaxy FM website, Bettina’s friend reveals how Kayz is a fan of bonking mature women and taking litres of booze a perpetual habit  that ignited fights between him and Bettina and later led to their nasty break up.
”It is true Kayz and Bettina dated for 2 years but the problem was that Kayz was a drunko and would sleep around with mature women”  Bettina’s close  friend who refused us from using her audio alleged