It never an easy thing to into an industry and win over the hearts of people you have found doing a profession you intend to do for quite a long period of time.

Lord Kayz has had a stellar time with his short career

However for the sake of  fast rising TV presenter Isaac Kawalya a.k.a Lord Kayz, the nods of approval seem to be coming in pretty fast from those who came in before him.

Lord Kayz has set himself apart as a controversial reporter

Perhaps after establishing himself as one of the best reporters when it comes to interviewing local celebrities on national TV, Lord Kayz’ natural abilities haven’t gone unnoticed even among his own colleagues in the industry.

Ibra K Mukasa believes Kayz can replace him and Kasuku

In an appreciation post made on Sunday evening, renown Star TV presenter Ibra K Mukasa took to his official Facebook page and poured out his praise for Kayz suggesting that he might be the best fit to replace hard core journalists like Kasuku, Simo Omunene and himself.

Kasuku agrees with Ibra’s opinion
”Today let me Put something Straight , Some good Years Back , Ibrah K Mukasa , Kasuku ( Izak Katende Daniels ) and Simo Omunene ( Simon Maseruka) Stormed the Media Industry ( Arts | Entertainment ) , the World welcomed the Trio and we Played Our Role in the Industry Successfully , We decided to diversify and tap into some thing else with the Grace of Allah | God we’re still on the Top of the Game. Without Hesitation allow me say this and Quote me for Referrence , Our Young Brother Isaac Kawalya a.k.a Kayz is the Our Best and Perfect Substitute” Ibrah K Mukasa posted
Ibra K Mukasa
Do you agree with Ibra K’s opinion about Lord Kayz?