Detectives at the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) headquarters have arrested blogger Isma Olaxess a.k.a. Jajja Ichuli over offensive communication and criminal libel.

The 55-year-old yellow blogger managed to escape and disappear into the nearest tall grass after learning that his colleagues pinned on the same offences had been arrested and sent to the University of Understanding – Kitalya Maximum Security Prison – last week on Friday.

Kayz (middle) looked tense behind the bars before they were remanded

According to CID spokesperson, Charles Twiine, detectives have been trailing the blogger since Friday when he went missing.

A week ago, Singer Omulangira Suuna, better known as OS, filed a case against Next Media presenters Kayz and Brian Waako, Williams Makuliro, and blogger Isma Olaxes, accusing them of defamation and character assassination.

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Friends checked the yellow blogger out

Kayz, who brags about being unapologetic, was charged together with colleagues Waako and Makuliro before the Buganda Road Magistrates Court and remanded to Kitalya until October 15.

OS put a bounty of Shs1 million for whoever located Olaxess. The search for him, which started at his home, yielded nothing. It intensified over the last couple of days until today, when he was smoked out of his hiding place. However, CID spokesperson Twiine did not provide details of this location.

Olaxess is set to appear before court

Upon his arrest, Olaxess apparently lamented and pleaded with the cops to forgive him, promising never to make the same mistake again.

“Afande bansonyiwe mukwano, sigenda kubidamu,” he said while sweating and panting but no one cared to listen to his pleas.

He is set to appear before court today.

Olaxess looking worried behind the coolers

Multi-talented musician OS accuses the group of defaming him through their TV shows as he said they claimed he practices witchcraft, sleeps with very old women, and also has bad luck.