TV star Kayz together with co-accused, Bryan Waako and Williams Makuliro have all had their heads shaved clean by a prison barber.

The trio who were charged and remanded to the University of Understanding – Kitalya Maximum Security Prison – have today Wednesday evening appeared before the Buganda Road Magistrates Court for hearing of their bail application with Shaolin-like hairstyles.

Right from the start Kayz (middle) looked tense behind the bars before they were remanded

The three media personalities who host popular gossip shows on both Sanyuka TV and NBS TV did not appear in person at the court but rather, were projected to the courtroom via Zoom.

The trio is under fire for offensive communication and criminal libel together with blogger Isma Olaxess. The latter, however, appeared before court yesterday and had his 10 million non-cash bail application granted and now has a license to free bonking sessions.

Olaxess attained his temporally freedom

The projected image into the courtroom was a picture of humility with the accused looking like life had been sucked out of them.

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Clad in a grey double-breast designer coat and black skinny trouser, with shoulders drooping and eyes downcast, Kayz was no longer the loud, unapologetic and confident man in the studio. He was tense with his hands held firmly, a man generally defeated. It is as if he was worried about spending another cold night behind the bars.

Kayz and co-accused appeared before the court looking defeated

Multi-talented musician OS-Omulangira Suuna accuses the group of defaming him through their TV shows as he said they claimed he practices witchcraft, sleeps with very old women, and also has bad luck.

OS says he will stop at nothing not until the accused retract their utterances and publicly apologize to him.

According to OS, the trio must apologize