Stella Nyanzi attacks Bobi over a brand new armored car!

Stella Nyanzi attacks Bobi

Political flop Stella Nyanzi has come out to attack and Bash Bobi Wine for receiving a brand new armored car.  Fans gave Bobi Wine a bullet proof Toyota Land Cruiser which he unveiled over the weekend.

But Nyanzi, who is currently in Kenya thinks that NUP darling should have perhaps turned the offer. The motormouth Nalongo has called out Bobi Wine for considering his life alone, forgetting his other supporters whose lives are equally under threat.

Seemingly very disappointed and irate, she responded to an NUP disciple, a one Melanin Tricia who had informed her about Bobi’s brand new toy.

Nyanzi says Bobi only cares about himself

“Don’t act blind, this the only news today. Congratulations to the elected president of Uganda”, Tricia informed Stellah Nyanzi with a support of the pic but she instead spit venom.

“Why protect only himself yet bullets hit so many other Ugandans? Let the donors buy many more bullet proof vehicles for all in the struggle. One Man show, apaana!”.

However no sooner had she tabled her view than it was watered down by another disciple, Reuben.

Reuben reminded Stella to lie low like an envelope since she and the kids also sneaked out of country for safety.

“Why did you run to Kenya alone. Why did you not take all Ugandans and yet their lives is at risk like yours and that of your family?”, he responded.

Stella Nyanzi Attacks Bobi