A controversial video has surfaced on social media  showing a yet to be identified man bonking a lady live in the middle of a street.

The man who happens to be a resident of Wakiso District can be seen gently squeezing the horny babe in a tight but well calculated angle.

Man vibrating on a woman in the middle of a street

In the video making rounds on twitter, the pair can be spotted dancing to Eezzy’s ‘Tumbisa sound’ but as the two got carried away in the heat of things,

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the man is seen inserting his black panter inside the woman’s pants a confirmation that they evenbtually bonked amid a big crowd cheering them on.

Horny Man can be seen inserting his black panther

Whether it was the man’s failure to get a lodge during the day or his desire to save some ka money for supper, no body could tell the shameless motive behind this act.

Watch video;