NRM has informed Bobi Wine and team that he will have to pay millions of dime for dumping election petition against Yellow Bus driver Sevo! Interesting right?

Bobi Wine will have to pay millions

This Week on Monday Bobi Wine through his lawyers withdrew the election petition challenging the victory of incumbent Sevo and promised to let the masses decide. Bobi cited ‘bias and frustration’ from Supreme court as the main reason why he and the team chicken out.

Now the head of the mighty Yellow legal team Oscar Kihika has issued a massive warning to NUP darling, saying he could only withdraw the petition with the permission of the court but should be ready to part with a huge sum of dime.

“You need the permission of the court to withdraw your petition in order to do so you have to file an application which is supposed to be supported by an affidavit and this application has got to be served to lawyers of the respondent,” he said.
“You need to convince court with good reasons why you are withdrawing the petition because it can refuse to give this permission. Once the court has given him permission,the law is very clear that the court shall charge the party for withdrawing the petition with costs,” he added.
Kihika also questioned Bobi’s behaviors
Kihika also questioned Bobi’s behaviors noting that he has been conducting himself in the manner that undermines the court.

Bobi, had asked Chief Justice Owiny-Dollo, Justice Mike Chibita and Justice Ezekiel Muhanguzi to disqualify themselves from hearing his election petition against Museveni, citing conflict of interest.

Kyagulanyi said justice couldn’t be served if the three judges are involved in hearing his petition.

Will Bobi pay if ordered to?

We shall keep you posted