Yesterday evening our very own super Muzzinyi Dj Nimrod felt the wrath of Pia Pounds, a highly

talented up and coming Afro pop musician during Galaxy FM’s monthly Big bang session.

Pia Pounds

Pia Pounds who had come through with a couple of other exciting young musicians to promote her new

single ‘Wakikuba’ made DJ Nimrod to not only sweat Plasma but also call his ancestors after putting him on

the wall and ‘raba dubbing’ him for almost 2 minutes.

Pia Pounds plus other musicians at Galaxy FM


In an exclusive video shared on our official Instagram account, Nimrod can be seen helplessly leaning on

the studio wall as a succulent Pia pounds goes about rubbing her juicy thighs on him.

Pia Pounding Squeezing Dj Nimrod


On  perhaps realizing that DJ Nimrod’s pants had become big and hard, Pia Pounds quickly

stopped the dirty dance and walked away smiling

Pia Pounds Squeezing DJ Nimrod


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