No doubt, Pia Pounds is one of the naturally endowed female entertainers we have in Uganda today.

Ask anyone around, this talented artist is among the very few songstresses with top of the mind awareness when it comes to beauty. At the age of 26, Pia Pounds derrière is unrivalled and yes, she knows it!

She often flaunts what her mama gave her on her social media pages, most especially her Instagram page, with over 374k followers to drool over.

Many of her critics claim that the ‘Tupaate’ star’s clean skin colour complexion is attributed to the fact that she is apparently a proud member of ‘Twesiige Omuzigo Tushanane Association’ (TOTA). However, those who know her from childhood, confirm that she is actually organic with no additives!

Pia Pounds is a rare breed- helluva a photogenic belle! Every time she steps out for a photoshoot, she drops both classy and fire shots, leaving Bazzinyi fired up and forgetting about the worrying economic times, thanks to her different tantalizing designer outfits!

In her latest series of poolside photoshoot, Pia risks baring all as she flaunts pretty nice body curves in a classy swimwear.

In one of the beautifully taken shots, she poses for the camera, parting her legs pretty cool, with her left hand holding the designer sunglasses. Her ‘cat’ which is wrapped up in orange lingerie is safely visible.