Afew days back Man of God Pastor Aloysious Bugingo rubbed salt in  NUP supporters’ eyes after he scoffed at Bobi Wine for acquiring a bullet proof car.

Bugingo scoffed at Bobi over Armored car
Bugingo scoffed at Bobi over Armored car

Bugingo claimed that NUP supporters are too blind to see that Bobi Wine is just using them as a ladder to get rich. He said that no person can purchase an armored car when he or she doesn’t work with the government.

”You are there shouting in your torn cloths on an empty stomach but the person you are fighting for is enjoying a smooth ride in his armored vehicle. When trouble starts, he will fly his family out as you remain here battling with the authorities”, Bujingo said before adding;

“There is no individual who can buy and transport a bullet proof car up to his or her home successfully if he or she doesn’t work with the government in power”, he cast the doubt.

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After his comments, the House of prayer Ministries pastor received heavy criticism from the NUP fans including NBS TV’s Hatmah Nalugwa. Some of the irate supporters demanded an immediate apology without fail.

Bugingo says politician are Users
Bugingo says politician are Users

But hey! He has refused to back down, claiming that he cannot apologize to the NUP fraternity for making them sneeze.

Bujingo says NUP supporters are like houseflies which fall on a dead body and end up being burred with it in the grave.

He adds that no Politician is worth dying for because they are all the same.

The Man of God further asserts that politicians see their supporters as stepping stones to achieve their goals.

“ who has wisdom must listen and perceive it. Am not willing to apologize or take back my words i said last time. I will always tell you that politicians are users and not worthy dying for and i can repeat over and again. You are just their stepping stone”, Pastor Bugingo said.

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