NBS TV’s Hatmah Nalugwa educates Pastor Bugingo on Bobi Wine’s behalf…

Many people have come out to condemn Man of God Pastor Aloysious Bugingo after he attacked Bobi Wine for acquiring a brand new Toyota Land Cruiser V8.

Pastor Bugingo attacked Bobi over a car
Pastor Bugingo attacked Bobi over a car

Pastor Bugingo ripped Bobi Wine apart saying he is riding on the ignorance of his supporters to gain fame and wealth. He added that the former presidential candidate’s supporters are  still blinded to die for someone who not only have bullet proof jackets but also a armored car.

Now NBS TV’s Hatmah Nalugwa has harshly criticized Pastor Bugingo following his comments on the car.

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Hatmah bashes Bugingo
Hatmah bashes Bugingo

Hatmah, a Luganda News anchor says no law prohibits Bobi Wine from owning an armored car and it’s not a crime that he is cruising in one around town.

“Dear Pastor Bugingo, The street-legal armored vehicles are no longer reserved for only the wealthy or governments. It is also not illegal to own or drive a bulletproof vehicle, you shouldn’t speak millions of words about the vehicle,” Hatmah tweeted.