Pastor Aloysious Bugingo has once again come out to bash and sting NUP darling Bobi Wine, real name Robert Kyagulanyi over his newly acquired ‘armored car’.

Pastor Bugingo bashes Bobi over new car
Pastor Bugingo bashes Bobi over new car

The controversial and outspoken Man of God has ripped Bobi Wine apart saying he is riding on the ignorance of his supporters. Bugingo claims that Bobi shouldn’t eat Kavimbo and pose around as if he used his dime to ship in the Black Big toy.

Swearing in the name of the almighty that he doesn’t fear insults from NUP supporters, Bugingo further claimed that it is impossible for any person in a given country to ship in a armored car with out government’s invisible hand.

According to him, the former presidential candidate’s supporters are  still in slumber or blinded to die for someone who not only have bullet proof jackets but also a armored car.

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Bugingo says its impossible for Bobi to own such a car
Bugingo says its impossible for Bobi to own such a car

“Ladies and gentlemen the person you support wears a bullet we speak he has also changed the car which is bullet resistant, so which one do you drive? If you get abducted or arrested no one asks for your whereabouts”, he said while pastoring his sheep at his church before adding;

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“But can’t you ask yourselves that how can a person own a bullet proof car in a country like Uganda? How would it have been transported, cleared and registered in the names of a person who doesn’t deal with the government? I don’t care even if you attack and insult me but i want you to use your brains”, he roared attracting cheers from the fired up congregation.

Click on the link below, watch him and be the judge;