Kane Vybz delivers Teddy’s message to Pastor Bugingo in new song, Ebaluwa

After 29 years of being together, House of Prayer Ministries Lead Pastor Aloysius Bugingo, filed for divorce from his wife Teddy Naluswa Bujingo in 2019 claiming that she was disrespectful.

Before going to court, Pastor Bugingo had put Naluswa under immense pressure to sign divorce papers, which she refused to do arguing that she is a Christian who believes in the Bible’s command not to part what God has joined.

A few weeks ago, our sources told us that Teddy Bujingo has reportedly hired an artist called Kane Vybz to come up with a song titled Ebaluwa, to poke the Man-of-God. Produced by Ronnie On Dis One At Gagamel Studios, Ebaluwa has all the details of their marital drama.

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In Ebaluwa, Kane Vybz, a little known upcoming artist, croons on the reggae fused beats, like a senior artist who has been in the music game for a while.

One striking thing about the beautifully written song is Kane Vybz’s choice of words, call it lyrical maturity. Vybz keeps things simple as the song has a couple of strong outstanding lines, especially for couples who have issues in their relationships.

With this single, the Afro Pop singer waltzes his way towards fame with his unique soft voice and corny lines.

Listen to it below;