Security expert analyzes Bobi Wine’s new Black big toy…

A security analyst familiar with military hardware exportation and transfers points out that there are armored but unarmed cars/trucks. He says that Armored but unarmed cars provide no more than psychological protection.

Security expert analyzes Bobi's car
Security expert analyzes Bobi’s car

“The car/truck described in Bobi Wine’s case appears to be armored and armed,” he said.

Armored and armed trucks (real protection) have features like explosive-resistant fuel tank, bullet proof glass, a fire suppressant system, Kevlar armor, run-flat tires, shocking door handles and ballistic protection system.

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Features of armored and armed cars (real protection, as opposed to psychological protection) trigger “military assets” issue for purposes of the Military Court in Uganda.

The Security expert adds that countries like United State of America controls exportation of such cars for national security, regional stability and anti-terrorism reasons.

“Which is why the Secretary of State and Secretary of Commerce have International powers under the EAR and ITAR, respectively,” he said.

Features of Armored Land-cruiser
Features of Armored Land-cruiser

The Export Administration Regulations (EAR) and International Traffic Arms Regulations (ITAR) make a distinction between Armored but unarmed trucks/cars (called EAR99) and Armored & armed (called ECCN).

“Exportation of armored-unarmed cars does not require authorization by the Directorate of Defense Trade Control for the reasons I mentioned.”

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The description of the truck Bobi Wine allegedly bought fits armored-armed category.

“If Bobi Wine’s car is in armored-unarmed category, then the protection it has is not more than psychological.

Bobi's car can’t have come from any of Uganda’s allies
Bobi’s car can’t have come from any of Uganda’s allies

However, If the car is armored-armed, then; will be arrested because the feature of armored-armed truck are military tools or assets.”

“Whether the car is armored and the importer never notified URA and security, then they should  be arrested. Unless there was a directive by higher authorities to clear the car immediately at Nakawa,” Security expert fusses.

He says such a truck can’t have come from the US or any of Uganda’s allies because of EAR and ITAR Compliance requirements.

If an armored-armed car was exported to Uganda by the US or any ally , then the government of Uganda cleared that transaction with the US Directorate of Defense Trade control, per EAR & ITAR export compliance rules.

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