Crown Beverages Limited

Crown Beverages Limited has unveiled its new Mirinda Orange flavor onto the market. This was at a media event held at Speenah Beach, Entebbe where media personalities as well as social media influencers participated in a taste challenge and experienced the great tasting, orange flavored drink.

According to the Mirinda Brand Managern Ernest Ssentongo, the new and exciting orange flavour has been specifically formulated for the youthful consumer segment. Dispatch of the new Mirinda Orange flavour began one month ago meaning our consumers can already access it any shop or supermarket.

Ernest Ssentongo added that, “we conducted a survey and a taste test with several Orange drinkers, that revealed that the new Mirinda Orange flavour was the most preferred. And since we are in the busioness for procviding eaxactly what our consumers ask for, that informed our decision for change and improve the flavour.

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The Hwead of Marketing Timiothy Luzinda said that a nation-wide promotion dubbed “Ora-ngeee” will be rolled out to support the new flavoutr across the country. This will involve several exciting activities ranging from product sampling, refreshed key visuals to winning various prizes. The new flavour will be available in all shops, hotels and supermarkets.

Mirinda is the number one carbonated soft drink and a big brand in Uganda by volume and share. it’s portfolio includes Mirinda Orange, Mirinda Pineapple and Mirinda Green Apple flavors.

Crown Beverages Limited

Their launch of Crown Beverages is in line with Crown Beverages Limited’s vision of delighting everyone in fast and enjoy refreshments. The company promises to continue introducing new brands and products to meetr the changing trends and needs of consumers.

About Crown Beverages Limited:
Crown Beverages Limited is Uganda’s oldest soft drinks company. The company’s range of carbonated soft drinks is 100 percent Ugandan owned. The company range of carbonated soft drinks includes; Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Mirinda Fruity, Mirinda Orange, Mirinda Pineapple, Mirinda Green Orange, Sting, Evervess and Nivana water. The products are available in returnable glass bottles and plastic bottles.