‘I’m 30…

DEAR ZZINA POWERLOSING my virginity took less than 60 seconds.

I was 28 when I finally had sex with my girlfriend.

We dated for three months before getting intimate. But the excitement of it all meant I couldn’t control myself.

My girlfriend was really supportive. But I was too ashamed to try again.

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After two months of barely touching each other, we went our separate ways.

I’m 30 now, and even when ‘i download myself , it’s still over in under five minutes.

ZZINA POWER SAYSThe first time is rarely the best. You and your partner don’t know what the other likes, and baring all can be nerve wracking.

Your feelings of anxiety and worry will be affecting your performance and you’re setting yourself up for disaster – in your head.

When you next meet someone, take your time and if you don’t last the first time, that’s okay – you can have fun trying again. Talking your concerns through with a sex therapist will help.

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