Bebe Cool kisses Zuena’s boobs on her Birthday

“Happy birthday my beautiful wife and may Allah grant you all you pray for. I can’t ask for more than I have in you,” Bebe Cool noted while celebrating his wife’s birthday.

Zuena turned 35 on 3rd April

Zuena turned 35 on 3rd April and her special day fell on the day when she was in Rwakitura alongside Senegalese American rapper, Akon who was in the country to visit the President among others.

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Away from that, unlike other birthday parties that you are probably accustomed to, Bebe and other Gagamel crew members treated Zuena to a bus cruise to western Uganda.

Dubbed “Zuena’s birthday on da cruise”, the only invited party animals, friends and well wishers enjoyed music, food and drinks all the way to the land of milk.

Time to cut the BD cake arrived but it seems Bebe Cool was already attacked by the horny spirit. Bebe couldn’t let mummy cut her cake in peace as he slid down and planted a kiss on wife’s boobs on camera. Of course she shied away…

Below is the clip of how Bebe Cool kisses Zuena’s boobs;

When did Zuena and Bebe Cool first meet?

In 2001 Zuena and Bebe Cool met at the Crane Chambers farewell party of the Miss Uganda who went to China.

It was the first time that they met and discussed the relationship with each other. Shortly after greeting her, Bebe Cool asked for her number but Zuena refused his request.