Bebe Cool has left most of his fans at loss for words as he shockingly revealed their sex-crets.

Bebe Cool and Zuena

In an interview with a local media outlet, Bebe while narrating how he met with wife Zuena he revealed that they actually ate cassava and beans on their first romantic date.

“..there is not problem with having romps with your lover on the first date. If he or she is truly the one you will stay together. Actually me and my wife had it all but see, we are still together”, he said.

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Bebe further said that they have been together with mummy Zue for over 20 years! The couple has five kids together. He says he will soon wed Zuena in a pompous ceremony that will be the biggest in the region.

Bebe Cool to wed Zuena;

In 2019, Bebe promised his wife Zuena Kirema a splashy wedding in 2022 despite the fact that the couple got married in a civil ceremony on September 12, 2003.

Bebe married Zuena in 2003

The controversial reggae star made the revelation while at the Fame Lounge in Kololo.

Bebe Cool mentioned that he will be walking Zuena down the aisle in 2022.

Bebe Cool was responding to one of the questions that were asked by a fan in a lengthy question and answer session.

“Zuena is my wife. If you want to see our wedding, wait for 2022,” he said.

If Bebe keeps his promise, this will be the second time he publicly recommits to Zuena who he married in 2003 in what was then a novel civil ceremony for many Ugandans.