DJ Nimrod Spends Easter The In Village Beating Mangoes & Riding A Bicycle.

World over Easter celebrations are held in high regard or what you may call the atmost respect because come to face it, it is the period the son of God suffered for the world and died for every persons’s sins.

Here in Uganda the entire four day holiday is not only officially recognized as a public holiday but a memorable holy week.

The celebrations that begin on Good Friday stretch beyond the weekend as workers enjoy a four day holiday.

As most Ugandans searched for the next bar or beach to spend some quality with their loved ones, our own controversial chief Muzzinyi Nimrod Nabeeta popularly known as DJ Nimrod spent his Easter holiday in the village.

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DJ Nimrod

Filled with a burning desire to check up both his mother and father, Nimrod took along journey to the west and as he had planned Easter found him in the land of milk and honey.

DJ Nimrod

Just like any child who is thrilled to see their parents in the village, Nimrod shared pictures of himself helping out his siblings with hosue chores like cooking and washing plates. To show how he hasn’t lost the good manners the parent instilled in him at a tender age the chubby DJ also helped out with milking the cows.

And perhaps the most interesting of all the activities the out going disk spinner did while in the village was to roam the neighborhood riding his father’s bicycle and throwing stones at ripe mangoes.

To show how excited he was from the fun experience he got from the visit, Nimrod posted a video of himself riding the bicycle

DJ Nimrod is one of the longest serving employees at the Zzina station as is well know for representing the Zzina brand at every occasion he gets to DJ or MC

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