DEAR ZZINA POWER: MY boyfriend won’t do the one thing that turns me on – moan during sex.

Everything else about our relationship has been great since we started dating six months ago. He’s 32, I’m 29.

Hearing a guy moan while we’re getting intimate has always turned me on. Both my exes did, and it was a great way of knowing what they enjoyed.

But my partner doesn’t make a sound. He won’t moan, give direction or comment on our antics afterwards.

He’s pretty opinionated outside of the bedroom, so silence isn’t something I’m used to when I’m around him.

I’m beginning to think that he’s not satisfied, but he’s too scared to bring it up.

ZZINA POWER SAYSSex at the beginning of a relationship is never perfect – it can take a while to work out what you both like.

The key is communication – he may just be waiting for you to broach the subject.

Discuss each other’s turn-ons, favourite positions and things you’d like to try. I’m sending you my support pack 50 Ways To Add Fun To Sex.