Kabako’s unfinished house has so costed him 30M…

2021 seems to be a year for singer Roden Y Kabako to prosper!

2021 is a year of success for Kabako (Kabako house)
2021 is a year of success for Kabako (Kabako house)

Y’all know that a few weeks back, Kabako and his Miss Right, Jazira Ddumuna manage to hold a successful ‘Kwanjula’ ceremony. Jazira introduced Kabako to her parents in Mpigi after months of hustling to raise enough dime to make things happen.

The Kwanjula ceremony attracted fellow artists, entertainers, politicians, friends and Family.

Though people like Bobi Wine and Bebe Cool who were invited did not show up, the ceremony went on smoothly. In fact, the Team No Sleep held an explosive interview in which he expressed his disappointment in Bebe Cool’s snub.

According to him, Bebe should have attended since Jazira is his relative.

I paid my time, I wasted my fuel and drove to your Home to deliver the invitation card to you but you never showed up yet you know my wife and you are clan-mates meaning it was a family function”, he fumed. 

But nonetheless, the couple was happier to get things done! Actually just a day after the memorable day in their life, Jazira took time off and linked up with the gals to smoke cannabis in celebration.

Now today the Majje ga’kuttaka star has shown off his unfinished bonking pad! Apparently the house in Butambala, Mpigi district.

Sources say he has so far spent over UGX 30Millions on this bonking pad!

Check it out

Kabako’s unfinished house

Kabako house