Inside singer Kabako’s unfinished house worth 100M

Ghetto champ and entertainer, Roden Y Kabako, is starting to reap big from his hustle.

Apparently Kabako’s unfinished house has so far cost him 100M

The energetic performer has shown off the fruits of hard work and dedication; his soon-to-be-completed mansion, Buziga.

Taking to his Instagram page, Kabako has posted a short video clip, in which he and partner in passion, Jazira Ddumuna, takes a tour in the unfinished house.

According to sources, Kabako has so far coughed about one hundred millions (UGX 100M) on his bonk nest which is nearing completion.

Watch video below;

The development comes nearly a year after the singer was embroiled in a land dispute in Busabala.

After losing his parcel of land to Hajjati, who demolished his house and the plot fenced, the singer gave up and purchased another piece around Buziga, Munyonyo.

Am still a young man. I can still work for more. Coz I see Hajjati is too old and she has insisted on my land. I have lost enough from this saga. My friends and engineers have been arrested,” Roden Y Kabako told our reporters.

This is the second time the singer is flaunting one his bonk nest

This is the second time the singer is flaunting one of his unfinished houses. In 2021, soon after legalizing his relationship with Ddumuna, he posted a photo of house on his social media page, located in Butambala.

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