Lynda Uwamahoro Ddane is one of the sexiest young TV personalities whose career has never seized to thrive, from the moment she joined the industry.

Lynda Ddane

She co-hosts NTV The Beat with MC Dagy Nyce and Sammy Wetala at the Kampala Serena Hotel based station.

She has been in the news for several reasons, most of which are centered on her juicy and sexy body.
Lynda has in the recent past had countless Interviews where she opens up on several issues ranging from lifestyle, sex and work.

This could be the reason why most city men are attacked by a horny spirit every time the lay their eyes on her juicy instruments on power. Single men like singer Eddy Kenzo among others have always fallen in her traps and believe us very few survive!

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Lynda one of the sexiest TV personalities

This week on Wednesday, Lynda Ddane, seemingly on mission to swallow Kenzo’s tried and tested cucumber stroke again as she wait straight to him after the show to make her intentions loud and clear.

In a video making netizens speak in tongues, the stunning TV personality can be seen whispering sweet nothings in Kenzo’s ears as the pair squeezes their hands.

Check it out;