Rabadaba trashes Black Market Records

After breaking onto the scene in 2010 with his hit songs, “Ability” featuring Radio and Weasel, Musanvu Kitundu and Rabadaba Mukyama, the singer became a sweetheart of the fans and immediately grew a huge fan base.

The fan base led to him to big endorsements that changed his career until he was involved in a scandal that turned his life and career upside down.

Rabadaba who was then signed to UG Records organized a concert that flopped before going on a rapid decline later on.

It should also be noted that since exiting UG Records in 2010, Rabadaba has never signed to any other Label.

Rabadaba planning to harvest Recho Ray at Club Amnesia

However, recent news was swirling around town that the dancehall singer who is trying to make a career comeback was offered a contract to sign to Black Market Records.

According to our source, Black Market Records promised Rabadaba heaven and earth on top of reviving his almost long gone career but he was reluctant to put pen to paper simply because he thinks Record Labels are good at making promises but never deliver.

It should be noted that Black Market Records has revived careers of singers Angella Katatumba and Nina Roz.

In the past, musicians like Cindy and A Pass have terribly trashed Record Labels.