Many now call him Omwana wo’mwami or rant king Rabadaba after he went all guns blazing last month and blasted Full Figure plus Madrat and Chiko for poking their noses in his relationship with Nalongo Maggie Kiweesi.

Omwana wo’mwami Rabadaba

Full Figure and co. won the battle but lost the war as Rabadaba proved them wrong. And yes as we report, this he is warming up to become a dad again before the end of the year! Pics of his better half Nnalongo Maggie with a ‘baby bump’ are making round on internet already.

It is one month now since singer Rabadaba real names, Faisal Sseguya secured his future with Nnalongo Maggie Kiweesi. The couple made headlines as Maggie introduced the singer to her parents.

The two lovebirds immediately cedar faced with criticisms from fellow celebrities with most claiming ‘it will end in tears’.

The singer was introduced by lover Maggie last month

A section of netizens claimed that Rabadaba is only in the relationship for the money with Maggie as the sponsor of his music comeback.

The Mukyamu singer responded to the criticism with fire and also emphasised that Nnalongo Maggie was his first cut.

Rabadaba has been faced with the challenge of proving that he is deeply in love with Nnalongo Maggie who is popularly known as the late AK47’s widow.

On Sunday, Rabadaba shared lovely photos together with his wife and captioned it, “Happy one month anniversary to the Sseguya’s.”

Rabadaba balloons bae Maggie

Having seen the photos, fans were quick to notice Nnalongo Maggie’s bulged stomach area.

Several bombarded the comment section and questioned whether the mother of twins is pregnant again.

It looks like she is indeed preggers. Congratulations to the couple.