Emmanuel Lwasa opened up last month about his life struggles and revealed that he went bankrupt.

In a recent interview, Lwasa attributed his bankruptcy to Diana Nabatanzi. He explained that Nabatanzi had taken a significant amount of his money, and she is still surviving on the money she received from him.

Lwasa said he will never forgive Nabatanzi for draining him of a lot of cash, and he will continue to attack her until he finds comfort in his heart to stop.

“Up to now, she feasts on the money I splurged on her back in the days, that one of BBS. She is one of the people who brought me to zero, and I will keep speaking about her until I find a wife and regain my comfort,” he partly said in an interview with Kasuku.

Lwasa and Nabatanzi were romantically involved for almost a year, but they later split. However, it seems Lwasa never moved on as he continues to make remarks about the media personality.

Lwasa, who claims to have lost Toyota V8 Landcruiser, Mercedz Benz Wagon, and Fuso Trucks among other properties, recently called out Bryan White to bail him out.

Lwasa requested Bryan White’s financial assistance through an interview as he narrated how he needed urgent help to save his property from being taken over by the bank.

He humbly begged for financial assistance as he reflected on how he made the plea to President Museveni but he had not yet responded to his call though he had promised to deliver.