Renowned bonk champ and showy mogul, Emmanuel Lwasa has hit back at nemesis, Ziza Bafana, claiming that he has no time for deadbeat fathers after the Dancehall star threatened to discipline him for having a loose mouth.

According to Lwasa, Bafana is a deadbeat father

This week Monday, Ziza Bafana lost his cool and vowed to pump sense into Lwasa after the 52-year-old tycoon claimed that the dreadlocked ragamuffin doesn’t visit the bathroom on a daily basis.

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This was after Bafana had alleged that Lwasa ain’t man enough to handle elusive girlfriend, Vanessa.  Bafana and Vanessa are former lovers and have a 10-year-old son.

In a recent interview, Bafana implored Lwasa to act his age and live an exemplary life befitting of a grandfather. He cautioned him to desist from chasing any nubile girl who crossed his path,”

The showy mogul claims that he has been taking care of Bafana’s 10-year-old son

With both parties trigger happy and none of them willing to back down, Lwasa has launched another verbal missile!

“He (Bafana) should thank me for paying school fees for the kid he has with Vanessa. I am shocked he even has the courage to talk rubbish about me. Vanessa told me he is a dead-beat dad,” Lwasa raged.

Meanwhile, Lwasa has already moved on with another woman, who he plans to settle with after Vanessa chewed his dime, played him and tactically stopped him from visiting her parents.

Lwasa and his new catch were spotted together at a party, making merry as they moved to secure their bonk future. 

Lwasa with his new catch ready for the ride following the heartbreak