Of all the different plates of beans showy businessman and renowned bonk champ, Emmanuel Lwasa has munched over the years, it is Desire Luzinda’s dish that moved him.

Lwasa reveals he regrettably misses her so badly that he at times fails to even sleep!

Speaking during an interview with a local TV channel, Lwasa openly confessed to having countlessly made mistakes in his whole life, but breaking up with naturally gifted songbird, Desire Luzinda, is the one that makes him hate life.

Indeed, Lwasa admits that when the Zzina skillful Desire Luzinda was still his chief chef, she cooked and served good, displayed unwavering loyalty, exceptional and an impressive level of composure.

He holds himself accountable for taking her presence in his life for granted, as he encouraged her to pursue opportunities abroad, where she eventually found love and married a devout Christian.

The father-of-20 also went on to stress how he plans to grow his family by giving birth to ten more kids to make a total of 30.

“One regret I hold in my life is separating from Desire Luzinda. She was faithful, a good cook, and remarkably composed. I take the blame for taking her for granted. Up to date, I feel sad whenever I remember all the things we did together,” a remorseful Lwasa said before revealing his intentions to expand his family. “Presently, I have 20 children, and my aspiration is to expand my family to 30,” he said.