Ziza Bafana says Vanessa is too generous with her cotyledon, taunts Lwasa

A lot has been said since the elusive city gal, Vanessa Namulema played showy mogul and renowned bonk champ Emmanuel Lwasa dirty, chewed his dime and went on to tactically stop him from visiting her parents last weekend.

Vanessa played Lwasa dirty, chewed his dime and vanished

While the pair has been shaming themselves in the public eye with endless verbal attacks, Vanessa’s ex-lover, Ziza Bafana is also out here sharing his two cents. 

Ziza Bafana, who successfully planted a live seed in Vanessa’s womb, which later germinated into a lovely and adorable child, before breakup, does not have kind words for Lwasa – the man who came after him.

Speaking during an interview with a local TV station, the hoarse core star mocked Lwasa, who is nursing a broken heart.

“Lwasa could not manage Vanessa. Vanessa is just so generous so she does not turn down any man, there is no way he could manage her, she’s bad news bro,” Ziza Bafana said.

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According to the dreadlocked Ragamuffin, Vanessa is not a one-man woman, so a jealous man like Lwasa cannot have a lasting relationship with her. 

Bafana says Vanessa is too generous with her cotyledon to be a one-man woman

Bafana also advised Lwasa to date women of his age, not the younger ones whose interests differ from his. 

Relatedly, Vanessa released a video in which she brags and tells whoever cares to listen, that babes like her are not meant to suffer but rather enjoy a soft life. The curvy mother-of-one who also dated John Blaq in the past, noted that babes of her breed are born to be cared for like princes.

Watch Vanessa brag in the video below;