Renowned classy socialite, Zari Hassan, has voiced her concerns about the safety of children in today’s world.

She stated that she doesn’t even trust close family members with her own kids.

Taking to her Instagram stories, Zari reflected on the changing times and described the current state of the world as “no longer a safe place.”

“The world is no longer a safe place,” she wrote.

She went on to highlight the differences between her childhood and the experiences of her children.

She expressed that unlike when she was growing up, children today are unable to engage in certain activities due to increased risks.

“My kids have never been chased by a dog, caught a bus, or gone to eat at the neighbor’s. Gone are the good days. I can’t leave my kids in a car for minutes like my parents did,” she shared.

Continuing her candid revelations, Zari added, “Can’t even trust our families with our own kids. Damn, it’s bad.”

Zari is a mother-of-five kids, four sons and a daughter.

Zari’s heartfelt message comes in the wake of recent tragic events, including the untimely death of Nigerian entrepreneur, Karen Knowles.

Known as a successful beauty salon, Karen passed away after allegedly being poisoned during a casual outing with friends.

A video shared by @Michael_mickyt1 showcased the vibrant life of the young entrepreneur, who appeared joyful and stylish while celebrating the success of her salon.

The video captured Karen dancing, taking selfies with friends, and showcasing her impeccable style with a chic bob hairstyle and flawless makeup.