Swangz songstress Azawi told to forget about bonking Maurice Kirya

Swangz Avenue would be very proud of their songstress for what she has achieved in her first year in the industry. The talented Azawi has managed to excel in her first year with a number of hits.

However, Azawi has however kept her love life private. She does not have a known bonkmate and neither has she been linked to city dudes.

In a recent interview, Azawi opened up on her unending love for singer Maurice Kirya. Azawi claimed that Maurice Kirya is the sexiest man in Uganda and dreams to eat his cassava like a super hungry rodent.

This shocked a number of her fans who never thought about her being a cassava lover and particularly, Maurice Kirya’s big one.


The fans rained on her and assured them to find some other people to bonk in case she is thirsty and hungry for cassava and irrigation.

This is after they claimed that Maurice Kirya has a long que of celebrities like Judith Heard to service in time.

Judith Heard previously confessed on how she dreams of bedding the “Busabala” singer who is to many fans the sexiest musician in Uganda.