“My girlfriend is a tiger in the bedroom”

DEAR ZZINA POWER, My girlfriend is a tiger in the bedroom – but not in a good way.

She’s 34 and has long, sharp fingernails she drags them down my back when we have sex.

I’m 36 and she thinks I like it. But in truth it hurts and I find her too aggressive.

Now I’ve noticed a big red mark on my back and it doesn’t seem to be going away.

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I can’t believe she’s left a permanent mark on me. I have lots of other scratch marks too.

How can I get rid of this scar? And how can I tell her that, though I do want sex with her, I’m not a human scratching post?

I don’t enjoy having my back cut to ribbons.

DEAR ZZINA SAYSIf you are worried about a scar that isn’t healing or that has become infected, please see your doctor.

There is no reason to be embarrassed about it. They will have seen it all before and won’t ask awkward questions.

Some people swear by vitamin E cream to fade scars. Keeping the area moisturised will help.

As for the scratching, tell your girlfriend the truth about this. Don’t do so during sex but when you have a quiet moment.

Show her the scars and ask her to stop. If she loves you, she won’t want to hurt you.