Big Eye Foundation donates to Mr. Kawuki for helping Gen. Katumba

A week ago, Gen. Katumba survived an attempted assassination that saw him survive with injuries while his daughter and driver perished.

Gen. Katumba was taken to hospital by one of the bodaboda cyclists, Mr. Willian Kawuki who rode him to Malcolm Clinic Kisaasi for first aid before being taken to Medipal hospital.

Yesterday 7th June 2021 The Big Eye Foundation reached out to Mr. Willian Kawuki to applaud him for offering to help the Army General.

Mr. Kawuki exhibited a high spirit of humanity in such a terrible situation.

Big Eye Foundation headed by Big Eye awarding him with an evelope of some Money, a brand new Helmet and two Reflector Jackets to help in his day to day activities.

Big Eye urged all Ugandans to borrow a leaf from the action of this gentle man by always loving their country as they work hand in hand with government authorities and helping everyone in need or danger wholeheartedly.

He also went ahead to encourage people to stop the bad actions of mob justice, hiding criminals and always treat fellows fairly for the love of Uganda.

The Big Eye Foundation was launched a fortnight ago.