Fresh Kid is better than Big Eye, claims Don Zella.

Don Zella and Big Eye dated for a year at the start of the past decade. The two were blessed with three children but unfortunately, the twins passed on years ago.

Their relationship was an admirable love story that ended in tears and since then, their post-relationship was been characterized by clashes and accusations, insults, and many more negatives.

A few days ago, Big Eye revealed that ex-lover Don Zella made attempts to kill him 7 years ago.

Don Zella

In response, Don Zella branded Big Eye faded artists before hinting on how Fresh Kid is better than him on top of having more hit songs. “Big Eye, you are a faded artiste, even Fresh Kid has more hits than you. Even if you took a chimpanzee to the moon, you will never make a hit. You sunk so low. Go visit a witch doctor because that is all you’re good at,” Don Zella posted.

Well, this looks to be another round of a war between these two. We shall keep you posted.

It should be noted that at the start of the past decade, Big Eye recorded some of the biggest songs like indicator.