Earlier this week, while out at a chill out — Jose Chameleone was singing candidly with some mates and was joined by Fresh Kid who gave a freestyle rap on his Kipepeo tune. 

Jose Chameleone, who was impressed by Fresh Kid’s rap lines, asked him and his management to fix the time and date and they hit the studio for the remix. 

Jose Chameleone who disclosed that he wasn’t intending to give anymore collaborations this year, made an exception for Fresh Kid. 

Fresh Kid immediately took to his socials and expressed his gratitude to Jose Chameleone for agreeing to have the remix with him and informed his fans that the audio song would be dropping today, Friday 8th, December. 

The news received immense positive reactions from music lovers who were happy for Fresh Kid to be given such a great opportunity to remake what’s possibly one of Jose Chameleone’s greatest songs. 

The song was written by 14K Bwongo and produced by Eno Beats who both made sure they maintained the essence of the original while adding a modern touch to it. 

Listen to the audio below;