Attack On Katumba

President Museveni has revealed that the pigs that attempted to end the life of General Katumba Wamala  had political motives.

Museveni made the revelation during his annual budget address at the Kololo ceremonial grounds in Kololo.

Museveni says the attack could have been plotted not by the National Resistance Movement –NRM people but by someone in the opposition that had a political agenda.

‘’The NRM doesn’t use assassins, because we are sure of ourselves,why should I kill you,because you are opposing me? If you are right and Iam wrong, why should I kill you.I preserve you so that you continue making your mistakes and people see that Iam right. ‘’Museveni said.

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Museveni says if killing was an option he would have already wiped out his opponets.

‘It is bankrupt to kill people. If I had killed Kizza Besigye I would be a hero. If I had killed Cecilia Ogwal, she would be a hero.”

He also revealed that the fingerprints of the pigs have already been discovered from the guns they used to kill Katumba’s Daughter and driver, and they will soon be busted from their hideouts.

‘’I did not know that you can fingerprint these guns. I was told that we have done so to all or almost all guns. I have been told that they now know what gun was used in the incident.

Attack On Katumba

Museveni says killing is for the bankrupt

It is bankrupt to kill people. If I had killed @kizzabesigye1, he would be a hero. If I had killed Cecilia Ogwal, she would be a hero. if you are right, I join you, if Iam right you join me. Why should I kill u because we don’t agree with me. #PlenaryUg

Museveni also asked witnesess at the scene of crime who picked a cloth dropeed by the assassin pigs to take it to the relevant authorities for tracing.

‘’one of them dropped a cloth,it is in the videos ,Gen Lokech told me ,but our people picked the cloth and took it away..’’Museveni added.

Gen Katumba the former transport and works minister was waylaid at Kisota Kissasi  on 1st June on his way to Najjankumbi to attend a vigil with his daughter Brenda Nantongo and Driver Haruna Kayondo.

The 2 were killed on spot but Gen Katumba escaped narrowly with a2 bullets to both his shoulders.