Gospel music in Uganda is currently defined by Levixone.

Ugandan gospel musician Levixone is demanding compensation from the Government to cover up for the costs he incurred in organizing his concert that was scheduled to happen at Namboole stadium in December 2020 but got canceled due to Covid-19.

Levixone’s concert was scheduled for 12th December 2020 but because of the Covid-19 outbreak, concerts and public gatherings were put on hold to curb the spread of the virus. Levixone is hopeful that as soon as the virus is dealt with, his concert will be the very first to happen at Namboole Stadium that accommodates up to 46,000 people. “The moment we are cleared and given a go-ahead to go back on stage, Namboole will be the very first concert the industry will experience,” he said.

The gospel music gladiator claimed he had already paid some service providers lots of money, meaning there’s no return on investment. “If there is any compensation plan towards the people who were affected by the coronavirus pandemic, I deserve to be helped too. I may not have come out to speak on it because I’m a very peaceful person but if they are to compensate, I think I should be given some. I had one of the biggest concerts planned in the country in Namboole and I had paid each and everything,” Levixone said during an interview.

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