On 13th July 2022, Ugandan gospel singers Desire Luzinda and Levixone appeared on the set of a wedding in a short blurry video that made rounds on social media.

The Zzina investigation team got to work and discovered that the function was organised at Pastor Bugingo’s Maganjo home.

On that day, a number of prominent people like Apostle Grace Lubega, Pastor Aloysius Bugingo, Pastor Wilson Bugembe, Pastor Simeon Kayiwa, Mikie Wine, Ray G, and NBS boss Doreen Katusiime were all in attendance with a few other invited guests.

Pastor Bugingo, Susan Makula at the Function. These attires appeared at the beginning of the video in front of Pastor Bugingo’s house. They looked very raw because they were recorded at the real function.

Unfortunately, the invited guests were not allowed to access the venue with their smartphones except for the pastors who were treated as elders.

Despite the tough measures, one guest managed to sneak in a smartphone that made rounds on social media.

Watch the video that went viral

Levixone has since denied being involved in a traditional wedding, while Desire Luzinda has kept away from the cameras.

A day ago, Levixone dropped a video of his new collabo “Yoya” featuring Ray G on his YouTube channel.

The video featured scenes from a traditional wedding like the one that had happened a fortnight ago and he immediately trashed the claims that the couple had gotten married traditionally.

In an instant, the narrative had changed but an inside source that preferred anonymity informed our snoop that the video was just a cover-up because the couple intended to keep their affair away from the public to accomplish their final mission which is rumored to be securing funding from donors at the church in the USA where Luzinda prays from since one of the T&Cs for supporting her Foundation was to get married to a staunch born again Christian.

In the video, most of the scenes were shot on a green screen at Jah Live Studios in Makindye with the same attires from the real introduction ceremony to match the function. “They came here and shot like for 2 hours and left.” An employee at Jah Live Studio informed us.

In some scenes, footage from Ray G’s wedding a year ago was also used to make the video look real.

A photo from Ray G’s wedding that appeared in many scenes in the video

In some video scenes showing the venue, the house used instead belonged to video director Frank Mugerwa, which is located in Busabala and yet, on 13th July 2022, the function happened at Bugingo’s house in Maganjo.

Also, the tailor that worked on Levixone and his best man Ray G’s attires is known as Bright. He works from Mbarara and Ray G took charge of the process involved in delivering the perfect attire.

Bright informed one of our snoops that the attires were specially made for a function, not a video shoot because the material used usually differs in terms of quality and price.

Frank Jah has a mega-mansion in Busabala where some of the scenes were shot. He was recently visited by Bobi Wine and through a Facebook post, the NUP President heaped praise on the piece of architecture. The post has since been deleted from Bobi Wine’s Facebook page.

Last but not least, in the video, only one scene from the real event was showcased at the beginning of the song. The scene was shot at Pastor Bugingo’s home. All the other scenes were shot on the green screen and at Frank “Jah” Mugerwa’s house.

The last nail in the coffin of this failed diversion mission was the lack of a night scene in the video yet the leaked short video was shot at night!

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We have learned that the couple is preparing for a mega wedding. We shall keep you posted as we gather the whereabouts of their forthcoming wedding.

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